Arlington Lens Supply provides a diverse online retail product line through a wide family of e-commerce websites. The Arlington Lens Supply websites provide full-service, direct delivery products at the lowest prices available with dedicated, personalized customer service.
Arlington Lens Team

Arlington Lens Supply was founded in 1995. In 1996, we were one of the first companies to begin selling contact lenses online, and we now have over 13 years of experience. Unlike many other Internet companies, we have been profitable in each year of operation, and we continue to operate our business in a cash-flow positive manner. Our sales have grown sequentially in each year of our operation.

Our company operates from a 31,000 square foot custom-designed, integrated call-center/warehousing facility located in Columbus, Ohio. During the past eight years, we have developed the infrastructure and technology to allow us to partner with retailers and vision insurers in order to offer "white label" Internet and mail-order contact lens services. The following is an overview of the services that Arlington Lens Supply can offer to a partner:

  1. A comprehensive partner-branded, e-commerce enabled website with policies controlled by the partner.
  2. A customer service experience in which our role can be entirely transparent to customers, with telephone support, email, receipts and packaging all branded according to the partner website. This can include branded automatic email reminders and other branded marketing targeted to the partner's customers.
  3. A highly efficient prescription verification system supported by experienced, knowledgeable staff to handle prescription issues.
  4. Efficient handling of all product returns.
  5. An extensive inventory of all major contact lenses and accessories.
  6. Comprehensive reporting of sales, demographics, shipping and customer satisfaction metrics.
  7. HIPAA compliance - Arlington Lens Supply has worked diligently to implement procedures and policies in compliance with the Privacy provisions of the HIPAA legislation.